1. Joining Botancia Early Learning

To start the Enrolment process, feel free to contact our centre on  0424 505 787 and we will be happy to assist! If you would like to come along and take a look at our center, follow the link below:

2. Join the waitlist

Secure your spot on the Wait List for Botanica. Please note there is a $50 non-refundable payment fee to join our waitlist.

3. Securing a spot

Once we have determined your requirements for your child and a spot becomes available, you will be emailed the letter of offer. Families will need to respond to confirm your acceptance of our offer. An Enrolment documents that allows you to provide us key information about your family and child and containing our policy and procedures is emailed through to you at this time.

4. Confirm your child’s place

The countdown begins until your child’s next big adventure and first day in our care. Prior to your child’s first day, our Centre Manager will be in touch to explain the orientation process and organise the orientation sessions and to let you know what to bring.

5. Two-day minimum

At Botanica we have a minimum two-day enrolment requirement per child. Attending Botanica for two days or more per week helps your child to feel comfortable, build bonds with their Educators and to be able to happily immerse themselves in the learning programs.