Our Rooms

Botanica Early Learning Centre has seven children’s learning rooms and one large purpose built science/art/workshop room for our extra programs. Our rooms are named after famous scientists, artists, engineers and designers, showcasing our commitment to our STEAM curriculum which we use to promote children’s discovery, exploration and play. Our large number of rooms allow us to ensure that your child learns and grows with children in the same developmental-age peer group

Charles Darwin

3 months to 12 months

Albert Einstein

1 year to 2 year old

Galileo Galilei

1 year to 2 year old

Frida Kahlo

2 year to 3 year old

Zaha Hadid

3 year to 4 year old

Marie Curie

3.5 year to 5 year old

Nikola Tesla

4 year to 5 year old

Leonardo Da Vinci


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